Packaging for Restaurant Chains – FORPA – Producent ekologicznych opakowań na żywność
Packaging for restaurants
Designed for packaging: burgers, fries, hot dogs, pasta, casseroles, rice dishes, salads, sandwiches, meals, etc.
Packaging for Restaurant Chains
We specialize in the production of disposable, eco-friendly takeaway packaging made from solid cardboard, designed for the broad gastronomy industry, including restaurants, fast food outlets, airline catering, food trucks, street food vendors, and catering companies, among others. We are ready to manufacture packaging according to individual customer needs, with orders starting from 5,000 units.
Build your brand with custom-printed packaging! Utilize packaging as a marketing tool! Create packaging perfectly tailored to your product. Personalized packaging will enhance the visibility and recognition of your brand!
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We create packaging from paper and cardboard, which provide an excellent alternative to plastic.
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Offset printing available
Multiple finishing technologies
Shape tailored to the product
Highly biodegradable materials
Customizable cardboard weight
Production in Poland
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