Get to Know Us – FORPA – Producent ekologicznych opakowań na żywność
Get to Know Us
Get to Know Us

We are a packaging manufacturer specializing in packaging for the food, catering, processing, and fruit and vegetable industries. Our experience in production, which we have been continuously gaining since 1985, has allowed us to establish a solid position as a reliable partner for clients both domestically and internationally. As a family company, we take pride in our organizational culture, which values loyalty and dedication to every aspect of our production process.
With a commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging, we rely on a skilled team of specialists and the best technological solutions in our production. Our experience and extensive range of machinery enable us to handle even complex orders.

Every day, we create eco-friendly packaging for our clients

that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also personalized to highlight the taste and stand out among the competition.

Investments and Development
We continuously invest in and expand our machinery park with state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and enhance the competitiveness of our services.
Specialist Team
We have an extensive graphic studio and experienced personnel who ensure the professional preparation of the printing and production process, tailored to the requirements and expectations of our clients.
Long-term Relationships
We prioritize building long-term partnerships with clients for whom packaging is a crucial part of the production process or an essential component of the sales process. We strive to understand their specific needs and requirements, aiming to establish enduring relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Do you know that we have ISO certifications?

certyfikat iso 9001

In FORPA, we produce our packaging based on global ISO standards. The ISO 9001 certification is a quality management system that sets the standards for managing quality.
- We conduct control of documents and records to ensure proper documentation and traceability.
- Our management team actively participates in building the quality management system, demonstrating their commitment to quality.
- We have a resource management system in place to efficiently allocate and utilize our resources.
- We conduct regular measurements and analysis to monitor and improve our processes.
- We analyze the requirements of our customers to ensure their needs are met.
- We make decisions based on data and facts, ensuring that our actions are well-informed and aligned with our quality objectives.

certyfikat iso 14001

The ISO 14001 certification is a system that establishes standards for environmental management. Environmental sustainability is of great importance to our company, FORPA. We operate based on sustainable development principles, with a key focus on eliminating adverse environmental factors associated with our products and services. We strive to create favorable conditions for our organization to function in a way that minimizes negative impacts on the natural environment.